Let’s get fit and healthy in our Funkeynastix class.

AGES :  3yr to 6yr 

Whilst developing fundamental sports skills (balance , co -ordination and agility) we are promoting healthy habits (nutrition and good sportsmanship) as well as Environmental Awareness .

Lets get moving once more to the Funkeynastix beat !

Our Funkeynastix CUB CLASSES – with adults in attendance. For children that are still working towards independence. Developing the same fundamental sports skills. 


Class Rules:

1.  Children and Parents must follow Covid- 19 protocols upon arrival at  the Venue 
2.  Children should wear comfortable clothing such as T shirt , shorts and leggings  ( please no stockings )
3.  We request that children are barefooted  when working on the equipment .
4.  Parents are not encouraged to remain  whilst class is in progress – with the exception of Cub Classes. 
5.  No photographs to be taken 

Refund and Cancellation Policy :

Due to limited  class sizes we operate a Non Refundable  , NON Transferable  , NO CANCELLATION policy 
All schedules are subject to change with immediate affect after notice (in line with government guidelines ) 

Terms and Conditions