What is Physical Literacy and Why Is It Important to my Child?

Physical literacy is a relatively new term in the educational world but one thing is clear, it is as important as reading, writing and math.

Research has shown that without physical literacy children are more likely to be inactive, which can lead to lower self esteem, poor social skills, lower academic achievement and possible health problems.

So what is physical literacy? It is being competent in a wide range of fundamental movement and sports skills. Physical literacy develops over time as children learn the basic skills of walking, running, skipping, jumping and catching.

Physical literacy helps children become more active and we all know that active children:

1. Get higher grades

2. Have better social skills

3. Are happier and more confident

Children who are physically literate have the confidence to play sport and do different activities which in turn leads to a healthy, happy lifestyle. This is the core belief of Funkeynastix. Active for Life!

Our classes are designed to teach children the fundamental movement skills to achieve physical literacy. Our coaches use specialised equipment, music and movement to encourage children to be active and develop these basic skills like RUNNING, JUMPING, SKIPPING, CATCHING, THROWING, KICKING, BALANCE, STRENGTH, SPEED, AGILITY, FLEXIBILITY and CARDIO VASCULAR FITNESS. It is fun, functional and non-competitive, a great environment to learn.

We look forward to our new term classes and can’t wait to get active. If you have any questions about our program or if you would like more information, please contact us on info@funkeynastix.ae

Have a great day!

The Funkeynastix Team